WWE WrestleMania 33 odds, betting guide, match picks and predictions

Fans enjoy wagering on WWE despite the fact that it features predetermined outcomes by nature of the business. What is especially interesting is how betting lines are decided for every game and how they’re often far from right.
Let’s take a look at these WrestleMania 33 chances, courtesy of Bovada.lv, and breakdown where the top values exist if you opt to wager on WWE’s biggest series of the year that Sunday.
WWE Championship: Bray Wyatt [c] (+175) vs. Randy Orton (-260)
Not surprised to see Orton as a favorite here, but I can kick this thing off with a confident call as I feel very certain Wyatt will retain the title and continue his dominant build. Hand him the belt to take off it of him?
Universal Championship: Goldberg [c] (+900) vs. Brock Lesnar (-3000)
Yes, this is a foregone conclusion. I don’t propose wasting time with all the awful odds of accepting Lesnar, but a swerve isn’t completely impossible and +900 is enormous price.
The Undertaker (+325) vs. Roman Reigns (-550)
Many are convinced that Taker will do the work here to Reigns and drop his second WrestleMania match. I’m not. Reigns does not need Taker to put him and even if Taker did thus, it is not like this would really help Reigns in almost any way. The Undertaker… in +325… in WrestleMania?! Do it.
Seth Rollins (-600) vs. Triple H (+350) in a non-sanctioned match Seeing even more value here! The construct for this match was insufficient due to this injury, and I do not feel this is the end of the feud. A game causes this ripe for hindrance or controversy. I’m calling Rollins to shed and this duo to battle in a few weeks at SummerSlam. Throw some on Triple H. Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match: Bayley [c] (4/15) vs. Sasha Banks (9/2) vs. Charlotte Flair (11/2) vs. Nia Jax (14/1)
A lot Bayley obviously a favorite and to unpack here with these odds. I’m a big fan of these 11/2 odds for Flair in a. Banks can also be worth a shot too.

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