Billy Joe Saunders says dream fight against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez could scupper rival’s place in history

Billy Joe Saunders would“take pleasure“ in destroying Mexican lovers’ vacations by beating their hero Saul’Canelo’ Alvarez.
Unbeaten WBO super-middleweight champion Saunders says his fantasy fight could be against Canelo on Cinco de Mayo, the May party weekend on.
„That is because he’s the head of boxing and I’d like the opportunity to beat him,“ Saunders told Sky Sports. „Here’s the really scary thing – I know I can do it.
„I would enjoy ruining Cinco de Mayo for the Mexican fans.“
Saunders held the WBO middleweight title when Gennadiy Golovkin held the IBF, WBA and WBC gold of that the division. Canelo will go two divisions up to challenge WBO light-heavyweight winner Sergey Kovalev, and conquer Golovkin following a draw in their first battle.
But WBA and WBC belts are still held by him also Saunders thinks they have been on a crash course.
He explained:“I watched Canelo battle Ryan Rhodes and Matthew Hatton. I have known since day one, ever since I put our paths would cross. I dreamed always knew, what would happen when we did.
„Just the like David Lemieux – that I always knew our paths would cross, too, and they did. Just the like becoming world champion – I always knew I’d do itand that I did.“
The just defeat of canelo was contrary to Floyd Mayweather, six years back.
„With a fighter such as Canelo you can not go in the ring using a game-plan,“ Saunders said. „You will want to think’That is my one and only opportunity to change my name from being good to great’.
„[Former trainer] Jimmy Tibbs always said there is a gap. When I said somebody was a fighter, then Jimmy could say:’No, Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano were fighters – that man is a fighter’.
„Canelo isn’t fantastic. He’s good.
„I’d look terrible in 10 fights in a row however if you place Canelo facing me, it’s a different ball-game.
„A fighter for me? My style has beat him before, and I think I can do it again.“
Saunders had previously said, when linking with promoter Eddie Hearn:“Styles make fights. [Canelo] had a variety of problem. I thought once Canelo had been in his prime, Lara nicked that fight. Currently Canelo has knee supports and elbow supports“
Saunders will defend his world title to KSI vs Logan Paul on November 9 on the undercard.

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