Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari keen to understand Belgian GP struggles

Ferrari will start looking into the issues Sebastian Vettel experienced at the Belgian GP as they bid to find back the world champion on form for their home Italian GP at Monza.
Vettel revealed no match for Charles Leclerc at Spa, qualifying 0.7so behind his on-song team-mate and then being beaten by both Mercedes drivers from the race as high tyre wear pushed him to some two-stop strategy.
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Four-time world winner Vettel’s success drought has stretched past a complete year Even though Leclerc has registered Ferrari’s first triumph of 2019.
„We need to know why my car was such large tyre degradation and we’ll do a full analysis of this situation to comprehend the reasons why I didn’t feel comfortable,“ explained Vettel on Sunday day.
„It was certainly not a terrific weekend for me, but it was a great weekend for the group and that is the most important thing.“
Leclerc advantage over Vettel has recently come to be a trend in qualifying – in which the 21-year-old has that the four-time world winner for six occasions.
For a driver that normally is sort on his paychecks within the race distance that is longer, Ferrari are keen to comprehend Vettel’s SF90 was relatively off the rate on Sunday.
„Surely Sebastian struggled from the race with tyre degradation,“ said team manager Mattia Binotto.
„Seb is normally very good at managing tyres within the very first hands [of a stint].
„So it’s something we will take care of to comprehend and analyse“
To be able to guard from an undercut by Mercedes from the early stint, Ferrari pitted Vettel. With the advantage of tyres that are fresh, Vettel was able to run when the 21-year-old eventually pitted from the lead, and leapfrog Leclerc mid-way throughout the race himself.
But Vettel was then told to allow his team-mate back through as Leclerc closed back up.
„I couldn’t hold off him for a very long moment. I was struggling at the corner which allowed him to have close, and I could attempt to do was to give Charles a pillow,“ said Vettel, that crucially subsequently held Hamilton upward for several laps.
„At the end it had been enough so I did the job“
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